Tuesday, March 3, 2015


is the sincerest form of flattery. The other day I was doing a Google image search, looking for Mythos prop ideas, when I stumbled on this picture on Crudelia's Deviant Art page.

Look familiar at all? I was immediately struck by the similarity of the bosses and hinges to those from my Doctor Glamour Necronomicon, shown below.

Of course, once I got a closer look at the picture, I could finally make out the text that specifically mentions that the design was inspired by my Necronomicon (squee!). I love seeing and hearing about how my work has inspired someone else's! It gives me fuel to trudge on.

I quite like Crudelia's book. In many ways, I like it better than my own (though not in all ways). The sculpts of the hardware are very stylish and have a lot of character to them, though they are a little over the top and cartoonish for a "serious" Necronomicon (imho). He is clearly a better sculptor than me. I wish I could sculpt with that much flair. The painted leather on the boards and the finish on the hardware is also quite nice, and the multiple bookmarks are a nice touch.

I had never seen any of this artist's work before, but having a quick glance at his resume on his Deviant Art page, he has quite the list of accomplishments. It's very impressive.  I am flattered that anything I have done should have made such an impression that he would choose to simulate it in a work of his own.

Seeing as Crudelia's book was finished in 2012 (the year after mine), I'm surprised it took me this long to notice it. If anyone who follows this blog happens to spot something of mine, or clearly inspired by my work, out in the wild, please let me know. I would love to see it.