I am not currently taking commissions.

Many people contact me and ask, do I take commissions for custom work. The answer is Yes, with some substantial caveats. My time is very limited. I work long hours at two "day jobs" and have very little time to work on any special projects. For that reason, it takes me quite a while to complete a project. Also, I often have several projects waiting. So what seems like it should only take a day or two, might take a month or two. Of course, some projects are time sensitive and require a serious push, but I am less likely to take on a commission that I know has tight time constraints, unless the project really excites and challenges me.

The way I arrange commissions is this- You contact me with your request and we exchange emails to negotiate details, price and deadline. Once we agree on the work to be done, a price and a deadline, I will require a 50% deposit to begin work. Any small changes or adjustments that you decide on once work has begun that do not incur substantial materials costs, substantial additional work, or do not affect work already completed, are fine. Any large changes you request or changes that involve additional materials costs, substantial additional labor (including rushed work for altered deadlines) or affects work already completed will incur additional costs that we will have to agree upon before those changes are implemented.

As is customary in commissioned artwork, unless otherwise agreed upon, I will retain copyright on the work created. If your commissioned piece is intended to be used in another medium, such as in a film or video, please let me know that up front. A limited license for personal use by the commissioner is implied, but if the work is intended to be re-published in some way, we will need to work out the details of those copyright assignments. Also, if you require exclusive rights to the work (i.e. no copies to be made or sold to anyone else), we will also need to negotiate those terms.

If you change your mind about the project, can't complete payment, or make unreasonable demands/changes that I cannot accommodate and which force us to end our relationship, the deposit will NOT be refunded. The deposit will be considered compensation for my time and materials already spent. The deposit WILL be refunded if I cancel the commission or can not complete the assignment as agreed upon.

Once the work is complete, I will email you photos of the completed work to show you that it is ready to ship. At that time I will require payment of any remaining balance, and actual shipping costs (of which I will notify you) before the items are shipped. I can ship using UPS, FedEx or USPS depending on the cost or your preference. PayPal is the preferred method of payment, but other arrangements can be made.

If you would like to discuss a commission, please contact me by email at

In your email, please give me as much information about the project as you can. It will save us going back and forth with dozens of questions. The price of a commission depends greatly on the details of the project. The more I know about the work and materials that will be involved, the better I can quote you a price for your project. If there is something posted on my website or blog (or anywhere on the web for that matter) that closely resembles the kind of thing you are looking to commission, please reference it in your email. Comparing your project to another that I have already done will give me a good idea of what will be involved, and seeing a reference of another work that is indicative of your intended outcome, will help me to understand your vision for the project.