Friday, June 26, 2009

My Ouija Board (WIP)

Many years ago (around 1992), three friends of mine got together and started playing around with a Ouija board. They supposedly contacted a spirit who gave them several very explicit instructions, including instructions on how they should go about creating their own custom made Ouija board (to better communicate with him). The spirit was very explicit in his instructions, right down to the kind of wood that should be used for the project.

They followed the spirit's instructions (on several topics), and began construction on their custom boards. They bought a single piece of high grade hardwood plywood (of the type specified by the spirit) and divided it into fourths. The three of them each took one piece to make their own boards. Though I was not involved in their sessions with the spirit (I was told the tale afterwards), they offered the fourth piece to me.

My recollection of the details may be a little fuzzy from all the years that have passed (and there is no guarantee that what I had been told was in fact the truth), but as I recall, one board was completed and used several times. The second may or may not have been completed, and the third was not completed and may have never been started. I'm pretty sure I only ever saw one of the three boards personally. It was of a fairly standard design, which was also specified by the communicating spirit. One thing I am fairly certain of, is that all three of those boards have since been destroyed. My friends, fairly soon on, had a falling out with the spirit in question.

Mine is the only board still in existence. It has also never been finished. As I was not a party to the communications with this particular spirit entity, and was thus not following any directions for its construction, I decided to make some radical changes to the typical design. I began by making a round board with an underlying pentagram that would serve as a containment circle for whatever spirits might be evoked. I planned on combining eastern and western symbolism into the design, using Chinese characters at the points of the pentagram (though I mistakenly used the character for "ghost" instead of "spirit"), and a Yin & Yang symbol at the center for Yes/No, Hello/Goodbye, etc. I intended to use the Enochian alphabet in a circle of disks, which would encompass a smaller ring of disks containing the Arabic numerals 0-9. The outer circle of the pentagram would be inscribed with my personal magickal creed in Theban script. These were all painted on by hand with artist's oil paints.

I worked on the board on and off from 1992 through 1994, then because of several moves, it was packed up and was never completed. It has since been sitting around, unfinished. I do expect to work on it again some day, and it may actually be completed at some point, but I have no intentions on ever using it. I'm just not that into Ouija boards for spirit communication. I prefer to divine using tarot cards.

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