Monday, July 13, 2015

In Ink

I was scrolling through my FaceBook feed the other day and I just happened to stumble onto this image of Charlie Platteborze's new tattoo. I'm not even sure why it showed up on my news feed. I don't know Charlie, and it was posted to a FaceBook group of which I was not a member. 
I'm not even sure how my eye caught it, but a small detail in the above bounty of imagery grabbed my attention. Look closely at the book The Old Gent is holding.
It was the central sigil that first caught my attention. I had to pull up the full sized image to see if my eye really saw what my brain said that it saw. They did! That's a glyph I created for my Book of IOZ manuscript, which has subsequently been used on my Necronomicon fragment pages, as well as on the interior pages of my De Vermis Mysteriis, and on the cover of my Necronomicon that I created for the indie film, Doctor Glamour.
 Yep, the corner bosses and the lock escutcheon cinches it! That's a representation of my Doctor Glamour Necronomicon. Boy, this thing seems to be getting around, doesn't it?

Anyway, it made my day seeing a piece of my work out in the wild like that, so I thought I would share it with all of you.