Links, and more photos, will be added when I get the time.

Steampunk Space/Diving Helmet

Steampunk Gauntlet

Steampunk Specimen Canister

Diver Costume

Steampunk Phonograph

Etched Glass Goblets

Necronomicon (Doctor Glamour)

De Vermis Mysteriis (Doctor Glamour)

Tome (The Black Duke)

Chest (The Black Duke)

Diary (The Black Duke)

The Yellow Sign re-cover

Encyclopedia of Witchcraft re-cover

Plume Quill Pens

Rose Quill Pens

Cthulhu Cycle Books re-cover

Red 9th Gate w- grunge

Cunningham re-cover

Goatswood re-cover

Pathfinder re-cover

Thing in a Bottle v1

Thing in a Bottle v2

Shadowmanor Journals

Plaster Cast Statuary

Cross of Cthigla

Black Book of Evil

Triquetra Chest

Azathoth Box

Black Mirror Pentagram Box

Moon Phase Pentagram Journal

Ouija Board

Notorious B.I.C.

Cultist Robes

Public Book of Shadows

Triquetra Journal

Pentagram Journal

FF-01 Steampunk Raygun

Cthulhu Journal

Steampunk Maverick Paint Mod

Cthulhu Statue


Brass Goggles v1

Cthulhu Cycle re-cover w- resin

Cultists of R'lyeh (Settlers of Catan)

River Song TARDIS Journal

D&D v3.5 DMG





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