Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rose Quartz and Jatoba Wand

Just a quick pic of my latest wand. It is a short wand, made of Jatoba wood (Brazilian Cherry) with a polished Rose Quartz point at the tip.

I was originally trying to make a full sized wand, like my usual (around 16 inches or so long), but I had an issue during the turning. The wood blank split on me just as I was finishing up the handle. I managed to salvage the handle , which will become a 2-part wand, and this was the left over part, which would have become the shaft. I decided to salvage the broken piece and make it into a smaller wand. Later, I added the quartz tip.

Jatoba wood is very beautiful, but seems a bit brittle and splintery. It seems to crack easily. I will have to keep that in mind when using it in the future.

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