Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Second Video - Glass Etching

Hey gang, I have finally gotten around to uploading another video to my YouTube channel! I have two or three more already in production, but editing takes a long time, so it has taken me a while to get another one up there.

By the time you read this, the video will have been published several weeks ago. I already had several blog posts scheduled and I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the Book of Shadows Sign posts. The cool thing is, by the time I had even finished editing some of the YouTube extras, like the end screen links to other videos, I already had 3 views and a comment! Pretty neat.

Ok, So here is the second video. As I stated before, for the foreseeable future, anytime I publish a video to my YouTube channel, I will also publish it as a blog post here. If you would like to help me grow my YouTube channel, please, Like, Comment and Subscribe. Oh, and share ;)

This video is a demonstration of using Armour Etch glass etching paste to etch a design onto a glass goblet.I have posted about my etched glass projects here before. This project is nothing new to this blog. But here is an opportunity to see the process as it is being done in my workshop.

I am still very new to video making, so if you have any comments or suggestions about the video itself, my editing, technique, direction, composition, whatever, feel free to comment. I am still working through finding the right software for my needs. I don't have a good camera, so I am using my cell phone and an app called Open Camera, which seems to work better than my camera's native app. I had been using Windows Movie Maker, and that had some nice features, but it was very limiting. I really like HitFilm 4. It has some crazy good features and FX, but it makes my computer groan just loading it. This time I tried a new editor called Shotcut. I think it might become my go-to editor. It isn't as fancy as HitFilm, but it is closer to that style of editor than WMM is, and it will run on my computer. Well enough, anyway.


  1. I'd love to try that! Does the stuff smell? My wife would kill me if I used something in the house that smells bad.
    I'm using Premiere Pro CS5. At the time I bought it it was in a bundle with photoshop for the same price photoshop alone would have cost. So I bought it even though I had no camera at that time. Later when I started making videos it came in handy :-)
    If you're really interested in feedback on what other people would do different (ask 2 content creators how the perfect video should be edited and you will get 3 opinions) here are my thoughts:
    Leave stuff like the zebra (even though it was funnny) out (The video will seem outdated once the zebra hype dies off). If it was a video that was relevant only for that time (like news comments or stuff like that) it would be ok since the video itself would be outdated, too. But this is something that contains info that will not be outdated anytime soon.
    Shorten the video by at least 50% by speeding up the process or cutting long scenes short once it is clear what is happening. People nowadays don't have the attention span they used to. I see that when I'm analyzing my video stats. Every time a scene is too long the views make a noticeable drop.
    Tips and tricks: display them in the corresponding scenes. When you were checking for your cuts I was wondering what you were doing there.

    All in all it is a entertaining and educational video :-)

  2. No, it does not have any odor.

    Thanks for the input. I'm still trying to find my style for videos.