Friday, August 25, 2017

Welding Helmet

Back when I worked at the tire recycling plant, I got pulled from general labor quite frequently to do maintenance work. I have posted previously about some of the projects that I worked on while I was there. I did a lot of welding and metal fabrication while I was there, and at some point, the maintenance manager got tired of me using his welding mask and decided to get me my own. He told me to put my name on it...

So put my name on it, I did. The letters and skull applique were things that I bought at the auto parts store. They are self adhesive, chrome covered, plastic, 3D appliques. The row of square studs are metal. They are the kind that you see on leather wrist bands (well, back when you used to see people wearing leather wrist bands with spikes on them- so like, the 80's, I guess). The spikes are hollow underneath, and have two little pointy tabs on the sides for poking through the leather and crimping over on the other side. I cut tiny slits in the plastic of the mask to poke these points through, and then super glued them in place. The points were not long enough to crimp over on the other side of the plastic.

When I left that job, I did not take the mask with me (though I wish that I had) because, although my boss told me it was mine and I should put my name on it, I took that to mean that it was for my use, but I still considered it company property. I wonder if whoever is wearing it now kept it on there?

I did, of course, take a few pictures of it before I left.  Maybe I'll make another one for use in my new workshop.

This was another one of those projects that is old, and I thought that I had posted it, but now I don't see it anywhere on the blog, so better late than never.


This past several months, I have been trying hard to get this blog back on its feet. I have posted more new content in the past eight months than I did in the past three years combined. Granted, it hasn't been props or book binding, but still. I have maintained a consistent  posting schedule of a new post every 7-10 days, and I have stayed 4 to 5 posts ahead of the publishing schedule for most of that time. But lately I have hit a lull. I have one more post in the queue, and another two that are still unfinished. I have one or two old projects that I had planned on making brief posts about, and then I'm out of material. So, unless something changes in the next few weeks, there is going to be another dry spell, possibly starting as early as ten days from now (when the last finished post publishes). I have no idea how long it will last.

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  1. Looks very mad max :-)
    Don't worry about the dry spell, we won't leave.