Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Laser Engraved Pendants

I haven't shown much of it yet, but lately I've been working a lot with my new Glowforge laser cutter/engraver. I started out making rune sets, mostly. Then I realized I could make even more money from the same amount of wood and nearly the same amount of effort by taking the same rune template and replacing the individual runes with different images and symbols, stringing them on a necklace and selling them individually. At $6 a necklace (which I think is a pretty decent deal) I can make $150 from the same 25 chits of sapele wood that would make one rune set, which would normally sell for about $30.

The difference in profit more than makes up for the added materials (satin cord, jump ring and accent bead) and the added labor of stringing them together.

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