Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another BoS (a la Charmed)

I have been sick for the past week, so I haven't been getting nearly as much done in the workshop lately. I've had two or three small projects ready to post, but just couldn't muster the energy to write them up. Here is one that I just finished last night.

This is another of those large blank sketchbooks that I found at Marc's. I bulked up the front and back covers by adding a layer of chipboard to each. I thought the original covers were too thin and flexible for the size of the book. Then I covered it with the kraft paper technique, which I then finished with a mottled green and black paint job with heavy gold highlights and veining. I added two straps of green leather with snaps and rivets, the same as I did with the Puffy-Paint BoS journals. I used brass hardware to match the gold highlights. Brass upholstery tacks made for nice accents to the corners, front and back. I didn't bother with a pic, but the end papers are gray. The center piece is cut from a piece of chipboard in the shape of a triquetra. About the only design that will sell as well, or better, than a pentagram is a triquetra. Gods bless the producers of Charmed! I personally can't stand that show. I think it's ridiculous and mind numbing, but man can it sell some triquetras! I painted the triquetra gold, but it didn't look right. It looked too flat and "fake", so I added a smaller one, cut out of thin card board, and painted it copper. That did the trick.

I'll hopefully have more up soon, now that I'm feeling a little better. I need to get motivated and get back in the workshop.

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