Friday, June 26, 2009

Lamp Shade

Just a very quick note about this little piece of back-catalogue. This is a lamp shade that I made for the store's grow-light a few years ago. Like I mentioned, I can't keep plants alive for more than a few weeks, so I eventually gave up on the indoor plants, and the grow light, and so the lamp shade was retired.

It was made from a plain craft paper lamp shade that I got from the craft store. I used a hammered metallic black spray paint on it. Then I cut out holes in random locations using a 50 cent piece as a template. From the underside, I glued pieces of colored cellophane over the holes. Then, I glued large river-stone shaped clear glass disks over top of the holes. I finished it off by drawing a leaf and vine pattern over the surface with black glitter puffy-paint. It looks quite nice when it is lit up, buy I'm not going to bother setting it up to show you.

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