Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Garden

Well, it's not exactly the kind of creation I usually post about here, but I did make it, sort of.

I usually have a black thumb. I can kill snake plants, all manner of house plants and even aloe vera. The only thing I have ever had much success at growing was mugwort (which by all accounts is a weed). This spring, my daughter and I decided to plant a garden in the empty lot next to my house. We had some spare bricks lying around, so we made raised beds. The soil in the lot was all rock and ash (at least it looks like ash), so we brought in bags of top soil to doctor it. We planted tomato seeds (which didn't come up, so we replaced them with seedlings), sunflowers, pumpkins (the kind that make 200 pound gourds), watermelons (again, the largest ones we could find), green peppers (which also didn't come up, and were replaced by seedlings), cucumbers, radishes, cantaloupe, green beans, yellow beans, lettuce, and carrots. In all we made five beds. My daughter and I are very excited about how well things are going so far. I'm still not holding my breath that we will be able to harvest anything, but at least there is something growing.

I won't post a bunch of pictures of plants here, that's not what this blog is for, but if you are interested here is a link to my "garden blog". My daughter is out of state visiting relatives for a few weeks and I promised her I would post pictures of the garden so she could monitor its progress. Enjoy.

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