Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pentagram Altar Box with Mirror lid

Well, I've been busy spending time with my daughter for the past two months, but now she's back in school, so I can start getting back to my usual distractions.

Here is a little portable altar box I made recently. It is one of several I have made over the past few years. The box itself is one of those pre-build unfinished boxes you can get at the craft store. I drew the pentagram on the top of the lid and carved it out a bit with the dremel. Then I dyed the wood in the pentagram with a sharpie marker before using a mahogany wood stain on the rest of the box. I put three coats of clear poly on it and then added the brass corner pieces at the bottom to act as feet. Although the feet are glued on, I wanted to put brass nail heads over the holes where the screw/nail would go, but I couldn't find any brass brads with big enough heads short of upholstery tacks, which I thought would look terrible,so in the end I left them empty.

The interior bottom is lined with blue velvet and the interior of the lid features a built in black scrying mirror. The glass was hand cut (my first time using a glass cutter :) and blackened with my patented secret process to make a nice shiny black mirror (well, not actually patented, but it is secret and I'm not going to tell you). The edges of the glass were sanded and then wrapped with copper foil tape (the kind used for making stained glass). The glass makes the lid a little heavy compared to the rest of the box. I had to make two mirrors for this box. The first one was a little smaller and had to be taken out because the type of glue I used caused imperfections in the black backing.

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  1. Excellent work!!I found this posting via Google whilst looking for scrying mirrors!Awesome!!I'd buy this if it was for sale over the massed produced ones I've seen so far...