Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Purple BoS with Silver Pentagram

A few months ago I made this blank Book of Shadows. It was done using the paper and glue covering method used on previous projects. It started out as one of the blank sketch books I used for the Puffy Paint books. I added chipboard to the covers and spine to bulk them up. The techniques used for this book aren't anything new, but I did get a little more creative with the design elements. I used chipboard to create the border and the moon phases on the front and back. To create the star on the back, I used two different thicknesses of cardboard (chipboard and "shirt box"). It made for a nice 3D effect.

The whole thing was covered in glue and brown paper and then painted with black tempura paint, and sponged with purple acrylic paint. It was then dry brushed with silver. The pentagram on the cover was made from chipboard and spray painted with flat black and dry brushed with silver, with a little silver rub-n-buff thrown in for good measure.

Like I said, nothing new here, just thought you might like to see it. I had it for sale in my shop for a few days, but my sales clerk decided she wanted it. She is planning on making it into a companion book for one of her favorite tarot decks.

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