Saturday, October 31, 2015

Howard's Place

My photoshop-ing skills are meager at best. But I thought this picture of Howard Phillips Lovecraft tending bar turned out reasonably well, especially given how little time was put into it.
This image was hastily 'shopped together to use as a web advertisement for the Rogue Cthulhu - Friday Night Speak Easy; an alcohol, dance and gaming party held at Con on The Cob, 2015. I liked it so much that I did a little additional touch up to it and had it blown up into two 36"x 48" panels, which were then printed out at OfficeMax on their engineering (blueprint) copier and then glued together with spray adhesive to make one 6ft.x4ft. poster. We hung that poster on the wall next to the actual bar set-up for the Speak Easy party. Total cost: $12 and change.
This second image was also put together as an advertisement for the same event. It didn't turn out nearly as well. The lighting and shadows are all wrong, but it served its purpose.
If I'd had known how little it would cost, I would have blown up more pictures of 1920's bar and party scenes and wallpapered the room with them, instead of spending more than a week making carboard cut-outs of gangsters and flappers.
...But that's another post ;)

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