Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brass Goggles Mk. III

OK. Back to something you may actually want to see. These are the Mk. III version of my brass goggles. They aren't really brass of course. They were plastic sunglasses that I took apart and repainted to look like brass. I used a technique similar to the one I used on the Mk. II goggles, but I did some dry brushing with gold paint before I used the Rub-n-Buff. I figured that might make it wear a little better. The Rub-n-Buff can tend to rub off over time. I also, clear coated it. to preserve the finish.

Of course I replaced the elastic band with a leather one. This time I glued the band ends, so this one can't be disassembled. Oh well. I also removed the foam rubber padding around the eye-cups. I replaced it with rolled leather.

I took a piece of leather strap and rolled it into a tube, gluing the edges to make a smooth seam. Then I cut it to the length I needed and glued it to the inside edge of the glasses, just where the foam padding had been. It's not quite as thick as the foam padding was, but it's still pretty comfortable.

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  1. Very clever on the rolled leather. Its a nice touch that really sells it.