Thursday, February 26, 2009

OuroborosTarot box

This is a wooden (mdf) box that I bought unfinished from a wholesale club. It is the perfect size to fit a standard deck of tarot cards. It has some very beautiful fretwork in the lid. Of course, I hadn't considered, at the time, that those cut outs would be a nightmare to sand and paint.

I painted the interior of the box is black, and lined it at the bottom with a brown embossed felt. The exterior is painted bronze and has gold flourishes in the corners. The main feature is a cast resin ouroboros that is attached to one side. It is also painted to look like bronze. I made this casting from a mold I made from a piece of pewter jewelry that my store use to carry. The company that made it went out of business several years ago.

The lid is a separate piece, and fits snuggly to the bottom because of a ridge along the underside of the lid.

I made this box to sell in my shop. It is currently for sale on

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