Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Glass Goblets

The last two days I've been putting some product on the shelf at the store. I've been doing a lot with books lately, so I decided to do a little glass etching for a change of pace.

A few months ago a sourced some nice black glass goblets that looked ripe for etching. I used to be able to buy black glass goblets with etched pentagrams on them from one of my distributors, but they are no longer available. I think these turned out better than those ones anyway.The glass is a nice dark true black (unlike the dark purple of the commercial product) and the pentagrams are bigger too.

Etching these posed a slight challenge, as the curve of the glass in two dimensions makes it hard to mask without flaws. Luckily I found a brand of vinyl contact paper that stretches pretty decently, at the dollar store of all places. The qualities that make it a crappy low quality product (thin and easily stretched) are what make it ideal for this application.

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