Sunday, August 29, 2010

Etched Glass Potpourri Jars

While I was doing some glass etching the other day, I cranked out a couple of these etched glass potpourri jars. I have had the potpourri filling sitting around in sealed bags for a while. I made two of them a few years ago, but they didn't sell well. I thought if I made a whole line of them they might have a better chance. Anyway, I want to use up the jars. I am switching from bulk herbs to prepackaged in my shop, so I don't need these excess jars anymore.

Each of the jars was chemically etched with a large triquetra. Each is filled with a colored mixture of dried leaves, straw and seed pods (your basic potpourri mixture) which was then infused with some fragrance oil. The jar is topped off with a brightly colored ribbon. My first generation of these jars also had a crocheted doily at the mouth, but I couldn't find my stash of extra doilies, so I opted to forgo them.

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