Monday, October 12, 2009

Enough with the Pens Already!

OK, this will be my last post of pens for a little bit, unless I come up with something truly unique. But I have been cranking them out at a pretty good pace. This first one is one of three I have in this line. It is unlike the others I have made so far. It was also much more difficult to make than the others. It has three coats of black lacquer on it, and the skull is cast resin. Wrapping the grip in wire was a little rough on the hand, and difficult to affix without messing up the lacquer.

These others are variations on a theme. Once I find a design that works well, I tend to run it into the ground. The first two are very similar to one posted previously, but have a satin cord wrapped grip.

OK, that should do me for a while. I'll be making some more, but I'll try to hold them for future posts. We need to pace ourselves. Don't want to OD on pens.

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