Friday, October 30, 2009

Miniature Wands

Just a quick post before bed.
At the shop, we sell a lot of kits that we put together from raw materials and odds and ends. One of the favorites is our mini-altar kits. Most of the time I will hand finish a box with that in mind. I will also pull together some miniature sized altar tools; a little athame, a mini-chalice, a small pentacle, a tiny bell, and a miniature wand. They are great for traveling, or for people with small apartments, or unsympathetic house-mates.

Here are a few of the mini-wands I made for travel altar kits. Each is only about six inches long. They are made from hardwood dowels, sanded and finished with stain. A glass sphere is epoxied to one end, and an amethyst point is epoxied to the other. Each is trimmed with copper foil tape, and one one of them I tried to solder over the foil, but I didn't like the way it turned out, so I didn't do it on all of them. The glass spheres had to be ground down with the dremel to make a flat spot, so it would sit nicely on the end of the shaft.

The shafts are each decorated differently. I use a combination of brads and wire, and whatever else I can find that would look decent. It's hard to keep coming up with different styles, so many of them look a lot alike.

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