Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making Ltd. Ed. Necronomicon Pages

In another attempt to add product to the Rogue Cthulhu Prize Table this year, I made a small production run of Limited Edition Necronomicon Pages. I thought I would share a little about that process with you.

The Limited Edition pages are selected from my regular sets particularly for their artistic content. I have these pages blown up to 11x17in. from their usual 8.5x14in. and I print them on heavy weight art paper.

Then I go about painting the line art with acrylic paints. I only use red, green, blue and yellow to paint them. The limited pallet reminds me of an illuminated manuscript, especial in the woodcut designs, and gives it a medieval feel. For the creature line art, I water down the paint and layer it to get a good blended effect. I'm really a terrible painter. I just got lucky the first time I tried this and so now I use that first one as a template and try to reproduce the effect on all the others.

After painting, I tear the edges of the paper off to give them character. Then I dye them with my paper aging solution (which is a mixture of instant coffee, black tea, black walnut crystal ink, and brown RIT dye). Finally, I coat it on both sides with polyurethane sealer to give it a leathery feel.

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