Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pen Frenzy

Now that I am back in my workshop, I thought I would start out with some new quill pens. A few months ago I noticed that I have been selling a lot more of the cheap feather pens than I was of my more complicated pens. So I started putting together more of the cheaper pens. In addition to making simple feather pens, I put together these very simple pens that I can sell very cheap ($4 each). They are designed to be travel pens. They are only about 5 inches long and they will fit nicely into a purse or travel kit.

I also put together these sparkling new additions.

I had to go through my ebay and etsy shops the other day and delete several pens I had listed there, as they have sold in my local shop, so I guess the wheels of commerce are turning, albeit slowly.

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