Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bronze Medallions

I went through a phase recently (and by recently, I mean about two years ago) that lasted quite a while (and by quite a while, I mean about two years), where I was doing a lot of RTV mold making and resin casting. I love this media. It is one of the most satisfying artistic media I have worked with to date. Around that same time, I was also going through an "antique bronze" phase. Probably because that seemed to be the faux-finish I was best at painting.

I call this piece the "Azathoth Medallion" (I call everything with a central eye and radiating tentacles after Azathoth). It was originally sculpted out of modeling clay (Kleen Klay) and is about 3 inches in diameter. It was inspired by a piece I saw on the internet that had the same basic shape and a similar outer ring, but had a different central design and less of a lovecraftian feel. Then I made an RTV mold of the original and cast it in resin. The resin piece was then hand painted with a bronze finish.

I have this great set of metallic finish paints (bronze, copper, pewter, iron, etc.) that have real powdered metal suspended in the acrylic base. The same brand also makes a verdigris patina wash that actually reacts with the metal particles and creates a nice authentic patina as the paint dries. I got these paints on the reduced rack at my local craft store (Pat Catan's), so I don't know if they are still available, but I love them. These are some plaster castings made from the latex molds I made for my Stone Elder Sign Disks, that have been painted with the bronze finish. I used a 50/50 blend of plaster of paris and dental plaster (Excalibur brand). This makes for a cheap and very strong casting. This bronze finish is also how I learned to do dry-brush painting. Sorry I don't have more/better pics.

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