Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glass Votive Holders

I love my Dremel tool! It was probably the best investment I have ever made, as far as my crafting tools goes. The first thing I tried to do with my Dremel tool was to etch/engrave on glass.

I used a round tipped diamond bit and actually ground down pretty deep into the glass. It's more engraved than etched. The glass is a cheap votive holder I got from Pat Catan's (a local craft supply store). I printed out a copy of the design shrunk down to size and taped it in place on the inside of the glass. Then I just traced it on the outside with the grinder. Tedious and unforgiving, but not particularly difficult.

I made several with Elder Signs and Yellow Signs. I sold them on eBay several years ago. I haven't made any recently.
They also make nice shot glasses!

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