Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Pet Shoggoth

This fun little project went through several incarnations before I ended up with a product that I liked.

The first design was basically a black water balloon with googly eyes and rubber fishing worms (cut in half) glued to it. It looked great and rolled even better (I couldn't roll it without making a gibbering sound, sort of reminiscent of the hamburgler!). However, the latex of the balloon didn't hold up over time. Within a a few days it would get weak and burst. They were also very labor intensive to make.

Then I found these little rubber tentacle covered balls at a dollar store. They even light up when you squeeze them! I just cut off a few of the tentacles and replaced them with googly eyes, and voila - instant baby shoggoth! I packaged them in netting and created a new hang-card for them. They are available as prizes from Rogue Cthulhu.

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