Sunday, January 25, 2009

Special Edition Necronomicon Pages

So far I have only made a few of these. I wasn't completely happy with the way they came out. They are the same designs as my regular Necronomicon Pages, but they are blown up to 11x17 and are printed on a very heavy art paper. The edges are hand torn and the artwork is hand colored with acrylic paints. Then they are stained in the usual way, but they are dried flat so they don't wrinkle. Finally, they are coated on both sides with a polyacryilic varnish, which gives them a sort of leathery and brittle feel.

These pictures do not do them justice. The painting really makes the art pop, especially the disembodied head. For some of them I also rolled them into a scroll and added a leather thong wrap to keep it closed. The decorative fob on the leather thong is a rune tile that was made from actual bone. It was cannibalized from a rune set that was missing a few pieces. It stunk to high heaven when I drilled the hole to thread it on the thong.

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