Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stone Elder Sign Disks

This was my first foray into carving and also my first foray into mold making and casting. I started off by hand carving an Elder Sign (the Chaosium version) in relief, into a block of paraffin wax. Not such a bad job for my first time, if I do say so myself. Then I coated the wax carving with layers of liquid latex. This took forever! If I put the latex on too thick it would take days to dry. Of course too thin wouldn't make a usable mold. I had to build up about 7 layers to get a durable mold. Later I learned a trick for building up the bulk of the mold with fewer layers. After putting on the first two layers (getting a nice complete coating on the original) I soaked pieces of paper towel in the latex and used it to build up the later layers.

After the mold was made, I used portland cement, sometimes colored with a little black grout mix, to cast my Elder Sign. Then I would paint it with a black wash (acrylic paint thinned with water) to deepen the color, and then a wash of bright green to give it a nice moldy patina.

I also ventured out into other designs. I made a nice "Eye of Azathoth", a "Star Squid", and a "Seal of Cthigla", all my own creations. Each is about 4 inches in diameter. They look very old and authentic and have a nice stone like feel to them. I have sold a few on eBay, and they are available as prizes from Rogue Cthulhu. Once the original is carved (which for me is a very long process), and the mold is made, they are very fast and easy to cast. They make nice soap molds too!

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